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Inclusion 2020

For too long, We The People have not had a voice in Congress.  Congress has failed to include the concerns of American citizens in their decisions.

E Pluribus Unum - Out of many one.  This is painted on the Ceiling of the Capital Rotunda room.  

The Republican Party has always been the Party of Inclusion.  Everyone of us has the opportunity to attain success, fortune and live the American Dream.

Americans will no longer fall for divisive tactics.  We understand that together we are stronger.  Together we are not divided.  Together we will not fall.

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Ceiling in the Capital Rotunda Room. I took this picture in June 2019 during my visit to DC.


Fight for Medicare Benefits including Respite Care for our Seniors.

Explore lowering drug cost comparable with Canadian and European prices.  Hold big pharma accountable.

Protect our Waterways and Beaches from Erosion.  Weather preparedness.

Promote economic development and create diverse job opportunities so we are less dependent on tourism or cyclical business cycles.

Fight against Lobbying.

Mandatory Term Limits for Congress Members.

Work on Legislation to improve and elevate moral conduct standards and guidelines of elected officials.  Let’s send a message that unethical behavior will not be tolerated in Congress.

Institute a Financial Responsibility and Home Economics course across our school system.  Teach our children how to balance a checkbook, budgeting and investing.

Help Our Veterans with Housing and Mental Help Support.

Foster Mentorship Programs between successful business owners and youth interested in entrepreneurial aspirations and goals.


It’s time to return the ”People’s House” back to the American people. I will be focusing on the enforcing the Principles and Laws of our Constitution and fighting to protect our Republic.

Our founding fathers pledged their life, fortune and their sacred honor, and I intend to do the same. This is what this journey means to me.

I am NOT a Politician. I’m an American just like you. I’m a business owner, a neighbor, a daughter and granddaughter. I'm a mother to a 10 yr old son. I’m thinking about the future of my son, your children and our Country. This is the primary driver of my motivation to Serve. Sending me to Congress will be like sending one of your own.

It’s time we Americans stand together. Will you stand with me and help me take back our Country?

Our District #22, House of Representatives

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